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Cheer up emo kid, drugs fuck you up. [entries|friends|calendar]
E to the Beth.

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New Livejournal, Lipsxwiggle [14 Aug 2004|04:27pm]
Well. I decided to leave Sean, to be Sean, and not him to be god anymore. I made a new livejournal account thingy, and you are all going to add me to your fucking damn friends list right now! Bytches. <3 Ebeth.</p>







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[14 Aug 2004|11:50am]
[ mood | high ]

I have a killer headache.
Like on the side of my head.
Like my temples.
And its like continuing to my ear.
And my whole head hurts.
Crocetti's Sweet 16 was killer cool.
Pat and my brother had a class together.
Just that i forgot the class, and i dont really talk to my brother.
Only to tell him that one of the following people are on the phone, Ray, Eddie, Ray, Mike, Ray, Mrs.Kaplan, Ray, Ray, Rick, Eric, Ray, Ryan, Ray, Ray, and Uh... Ray.
Oh, and to tell him to come down for dinner.
Thats basically it.
But i found out that my brother was crazy.
Thats nice to know.
Losts of dancing and shizz.
Kotton eyed joe, should just die.
I hate that dance.
It confuses me so.
I swear i didnt spill Diet Sprite on emilys shirt, right after she gave my a speech about how i cant stain the shirt that she let me borrow.
Which i swear im not wearing right now.
I love sleeping late.
Im starting to get the hang of it.
And sleeping to 10 ish. Yay.
My daddie bought me doughnuts. Er. donuts.
They were yummy.





Butt Sex.

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And for the second post. [13 Aug 2004|02:32pm]
Wow. Its 230, and emily and i are disgussing what to wear for corcetti's sweet 16. My parents are telling me that i have to dress up. But as im talking to everyone, and that invitation say, its not formal. Everyone is wearing short and tshirt. But NOooooo. My mother is like wear a dress. If not that wear what you wore to moving up day, which was like a skrit and amazingly formal shirt, which is dirty. Me and emily still need to walk down to somewhere and get Emily a persent. And its rainy ish. It smells like cat piss in this room. Its gross. Eddie locked me in that shower/bathroom. How nice of him. And Rays an asshole. And Its smells like piss. And please, get me out of this house.
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[13 Aug 2004|12:24pm]
Im alive, but i dont know what happen. At all. Corcettis party is today. Happy party day. A plane was flying really low last night above my house. It kind of freaked me out. Emilys room is clean. I should stop looking at car head lights. Im going blind. Biquit was lost, some random lady and son found her. Biquit is emilys dog. Of course im the first to get contacted. Kevin likes Kat. Jpp owes me 12 bucks... Still. Donine Darko is amazing. Its Friday the 13th. Whoa. Emily corcetti your amazing to have your sweet 16 on friday the 13th. Thats fucking HOTT! I want to play the gutair. Better yet the Bass. I want a chicken. I want it to be 3 ish so i can leave my house. And i need to shower and brush my teeth. Im soo lazy. My computer background is flowers, thanks to my mother. I need to re-paint my nails. They look bad. I feel bad, i dont know what to wear to the party. Um. Someones in my house. Im wearing teal grgeen/blue shorts. ITS EDDIE! And someone else. I bet its Ray. Eww. He was in my house the over day for the longest time and it was gross. I wanted to smack him. Im done.
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[10 Aug 2004|12:20pm]
Ask me 3 questions, anything you want,
and I will answer honestly. Post this and allow your friends
to ask you three questions that you must answer honestly.
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[10 Aug 2004|08:44am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Now JP owes me 12 bucks and an orgaism. Ha. We PINKY SWEARED it.

I was reunited with Matt Han... Whatever. I missed him. I havnt really seen, or hung out with him since we were like BFF in like the 3rd grade.


My dad is now get a 'nose job', because he so wants a micheal jackson thing going. No he's in to get a pollic, or whatever its called out. So after this surgery he can breathe again.

Ok, So they have to arrive at the place by 7:15.
Surgery at 9 am.
Over at 10 am.
Recovert till 11 am.
They'll be home between 11 and 12.
Im thinking that theyll be home around 12:30 or later.

And Ha! I love how this note is to all the children in the house, Jen, Matt, Charile, and Eb.. (me) And then at the bottom it says, 'Eb- tell Charlie to help if Jen and Matt not home!' What if im not home, and the animals are not fed at the time you told me. Huh? huh? Thats what i thought. They can feed they're own animals. Duh. Thats the point of calling it... YOURS!

Lets see.
Thy Father has that four 'stray' 'outside' cats.
Thy mother has nothing... Or you can say the dog, even though its a family dog.
Thy Sister has, Williow and Chainsaw, the sister cats, and Abby, the foster kitten.
Everyone else has nothing. I think.
But, the dog was for me, and its turns out, i have nothing to do with the thing be sides to walk it and pick up dog shit. How Fun!
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[09 Aug 2004|12:24pm]
Blah. ER season One and Two on dvd. Who wants to buy it for me for my birthday!?

I woke up at like 10:30, and got like 10 or 11 hours of sleep. It was good.

Yesterday, was a Kat day. JP owes me 10 buckerooos. And He wants to give me an orgaism. Ha.

I saw Dan... Again. Long time. I missed that kid.

I've... uh... Grown to hate gas station people. And now, The Shell stations. Since the one in town is now a Shell, and the on in Setuaket, where the guy asked if we smoked, and Kats responed with Ciggs Kill.

Fun Day.
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[08 Aug 2004|12:13pm]
My dad made me french toast. Which was a totally life saver. It was yummy. I miss having home made food. Maybe i should come home a little earlier from now on when hang out with people. It smells. I dont know what it smells like. Its smells like someone smoking, but no ones smoking, and its could be all the differnet perfumes and such from last night, but who knows. By the way, last night, at my cousinx wedding, i was happy, dont get my wrong, i was just in one of my sad and depressing moods. My parents were talking in the morning, which woke me up like a hour earlier then normal, and i could go back to sleep, and i was missing warped tour, which i found out that Kevin and that whole gang was going to too. Kat got taking back sundays autography. I hate you kat. What the hell is that smell. Jeeze. I was watching pokamon this morning. It was great. Maybe i should restart my pokamon collection, and get to know all the names the the news ones, like i know who and what they are? Sure. Jimmy, my cousin, is a very good person, as much as my made me a werid person as i was growing up, because i always thought he hated me because he always picked on me, I found out that I was his favorite cousin like not to long ago, maye two or three years ago. So oopps. But hes a good person. We danced. And as much as i didnt want to at the point in time, because of heels and my depressing mood, it was fun-ish. Or it would of been. Now, next weekend, two weekends in a row, i have to spend more time with the family. For my other cousins 30th surprize birthday party. What fun. We always have partys at her house. Why not one more. Kat on he way back from the city, and warped tour, and i have to shower, and de-smell of smoke, or perfume, or whatever is on me. What a wonderful day.

And my brother asked me how i knew all the words to all the 80s songs, and all the other songs, minus the cuban and spanish-is music from Laurens side of the family. I told him that i listen to the radio and i WATCH TV. Which is when i confronted him about my feelings for raymond trinkle. I get up around 9 to 930ish, watched charmed, and ER and Er again, and in those three hours, i wait for Ray to come, and i anwser the door, and im like hes sleeping, go away, then i go up to get my brother, and come back down stairs, and tell ray that my brother will be there in like 2 minutes, then i close the door on him, and never talk to the bastard again. Becuase everytime that kid comes into my house, hes a fuck-ass. Whats a Fuckass? I hate him, and i tell him to go away.

The end.
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[06 Aug 2004|09:45pm]
I'm not seeing right, right now. Its all burry. I think im going blind. And i think its because i have a headache. Its not good to watch black and white movies all day long before coming onto the computer. Harold and Maud was amazing thought. Monster what a dirty movie. Donnie Darko will forever be a good movie, no matter how many times your watch it. Touchy Touchy Feel feel lately with Greg. Its been werid. Even Kevin says its werid. Mark is a werid kid. Gregs right, lets not saves the cottages, they've been there long enough and burn down the white house, its been like for ever since its been there, or lets paint it.

Go back to china, bitch.
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Why august 7th? [04 Aug 2004|04:06pm]

Ok, I upset in many ways. All because of my cousin and Bush. In three days it will be august 7th. And ill be stuck at my cousin wedding from 2:30pm to god knows when. The party thingy afterwards is only at 7:30. But we have to go take pictures, so most likely im not going to be home in between the wedding and party. Which sucks. So many things that i was going to go to are on August 7th. THIS FUCKING SUCKS! Like you dont even under stand. Warped tour is August 7th. Ashlee Simpson's boyfriend is going to be at the mall on August 7th. Some Random Church thing is August 7th. Like two amazingly good some i think are on August 7th. Some really good sales are going on on August 7th. Warped tour is august 7th. My birthday is on 20 day from August 7th. Ryan, ashlee's boyfriend, in lake grove, August 7th. Warped tour, august 7th. This wedding better be good, or im going to shoot myself. God, to many good things on August 7th. Wapred tour. God damn you Dave.

And im not going to die. I didnt go to the city. my dad wouldnt let me. he said that theres alot of stuff going on that he doesnt want me a part of. whatever. too much news for you. I really want saturday to be open. I want to see Ryan, and i want to go to warped tour, that now its andrew first concret. fuck you andrew. mine was like bsb or nynsc. gir. But im prod of the bsb concret. <33.
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[02 Aug 2004|12:00pm]

Ok, So my birthday is in less than a month, less than 27 days, so around 25 days. I want alot of things. But that things i want the most are completely stupid, but they will rock your socks.


Take your socks off you rock.Collapse )

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[01 Aug 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Yea, Im really confused at life.Collapse )

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Bernstein life. [31 Jul 2004|10:57am]
[ mood | awake ]

The past couple of day have my like oldish times.
((well after school oldish times))
I hung out with emily bernstein for the past two days.
It felt good. I havent seen her since school-ish. Or before she went away for camp.
On Thursday i met emily and debbie at the brook house.
We got some groovy curly fries and chocolate milk shakes.
We walked back to debbies.
Made fun off eddie. >> poon.
Got picked up by emilys mommie <33
Got 'swim gear' and went swimming in emily pool.
Andrew came over.
Then was walked next door and went swimming in andrews pool.
It was warmer, and in the sun.
We played marco polo.
I drove out of the pool.
Now i have a larger bruse on my other hip and a whole lotta cuts and other bruses on my knees and hands.
Then we went to sports plus.
We wanted to go ice skating.
It was closed that night.
So we went bowling instead <33.
Werid. And Surprizingly, i lost both games, to... Emily.
But came in second.
Then we walked to the mall.
Er.. Macy's.
We made a killer movie of the trip and our, (emily and my) new shirts that we got.
Were matching!
Then home.
Yesterday was killer movies day/night.
I met emily, vi, andrew, and kyle at Via.
Stayed there are a bit, then walked back to Vi's.
Watched Donnie Darko.
It was like 3rd time in like 2 weeks.
It was god.
THen watch Bend it like Beckem.
Emily was the only one into the movie.
Me and kyle ended up have the biggest tickle fight ever, then vi joined in.
Andrew stole all of the pillows.
Vi got flipped of the couch many mucho times.
I was about to fall asleep on Kyle.
God, he is the most comfortable person... ever.
All this time, emily didnt even know what we were doing, she was to into the movie.
Then Kyle went home.
Me and emily and andrew waited for the movie to end.
Emily and i ran home, (to emilys house) away, far far away from andrew.
((Andrew lives right next to emily))
We had some killer raviolls for dinner.
We went to blockbuster in port jeff.
We rented Moster and Gothica.
Watched Gothica.
Thats a pretty freaky movie.
I didnt remember anything from when i saw it in the movies.
Then half of Monster.
Thats a fucked up movie.
But i love it.
Then i got picked up.
Went to bed.
Now. Why doesnt ER play anymore? What the hell is up with this.
Donnie Darko is sitting in front of me. Im temped to watch it... Again.
Emily borek called me yesterday.
She was on her cell phone, in a bush, on her way to town, in montuak.
She said that she was going to send me some chocolate oreo crap love ice cream.
And i told her to take a picture of my love mr. 'john'.
My foot is falling a sleep.
My room is all ready to paint the red checkers.
My dog smells like arse.
Parker comes home tomorrow.
What to say, what to say.

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[29 Jul 2004|02:25pm]

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[29 Jul 2004|12:49pm]
Ok. so yea. its only like 1 in the afternoon. and this day is hell already. i woke up and i took a shower. i went down stairs. and my dad was like get ready were getting more paint. so i was like hey. why not. home depot, best buy, next to each other. heyhey. then i was looking for my money. and i could find my bag. and i was flipping out. cuz my money was in the same bag as my camera. Finally i found that damn thing. so we get paint. and new roller things. we self check ourselves out. something wrong with the machince. soo was had to wait like 15 mins for someone to come. then walk over to the help place. then to the returns place. thne once there. we have to wait even longer. and i was like to my dad, after this can we go over to besy buy, and he was like no, were painting you room. 20 mins later. were still waiting there. i was like i would of been back by now. then so whatever i didnt get the new taking back sunday cd yet. GAHHH!. so we come home. find some ols white paint to use as the primer so we can stope using the real paint. my dad was shaking one of the cans. and i was like that doesnt sound like white paint. not meaning it to sound all racist. of course, thats what my dad thought, and went on and on about being white paint, and white people, and black paint and black people. i think he was the one who made it sound racist. stupid. so once he got it open, which took about 5 mintues. it wasnt white paint. its was really old hard disgussing rusted over white paint, that wasnt in liquid form. beat that bytch. so we finish priming my room. and in a mintue or so were going back up there. getting high off the fumes and paint it the whiteish color for the white boxes. < hence, thy room is going to be red and white checkers > i really want the new tbs cd. anyone want to burn it and send it to me in ny. i will love you for ever and ever and ever. and you will be my life. okay screw the whole thing about the paint and the tbs cd. screw that. im totallllllllly pissed off. ER was not on at all today. it was fucking golf. and i didnt watch charmed today either. only that lst bit. becuase i was out getting paint. what the fuck. ER WASNT ON. THAT TOTALLY PUT A DOWNER ON MY DAY. I MISSED TWO SHOWS! AND GOLF WAS ON. GOLF. NOT ER. BUT GOLF. WHAT THE HELL. WHY GOLF. WHY NOT CRICKET. WHY GOLF? UGHHHHHHHHHHH!
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[28 Jul 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | creative ]

its pointless that i update this thing. it really is.

im drinking chocolate milk right now. and watching trl.

my room is primed. and so are my arms and legs. well, i have to finish one part of my one wall. then double the paint. then start on the checkers. while paint it all. i missed knock first. and i wanted to see it.

i lied. im watching boys meets world.

last night was odd. but it was good. i went out to eat with my family. or my brother and parents. and we went to ihop. <33. then this guy was our waiter. Chris. he was very very cheerfull. or happy. or whatever. it was his last night. and then he was going crewing. since his on the team. and it turns out he goes to st. anthonys. but he kept hitting on me. ew. wasnt that great looking. but he was cute. he made me laugh. alot. cool kid.

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[27 Jul 2004|11:32am]
Wow. Okay. Im Bored. I have this... uh... I dont know that work. But i have to write in this thing. Its addicting.

Well. Its a month untill my birthday. Yay.

I woke up this morning to a large truck leaving my new neighbors house. It hit our new basketball net. Are those things called Basketball nets? Hurm. Then they just left. And the thing is. That net was about 2 months old. Not even. And my brother paid for it. All of if. Its his. And its gone. We just got it. I cant even drunk on it, it would fall down. Stupid mexicans. When they came back to pick up the other truck, my dad went over there, and yelled? at them. I really dont know, i was in the shower. And they said they will "look" at it. They never did. I dont even know if they are still here or not.

Stupid. I want to marry a skater boy. <33

Parker comes back on sunday. I dont know what to say to him. Im in a way... pissed off at him. He didnt tell me when he was leaving. And he usually does. What the hell. And Jo told me, when he asked her out, he was like, "Yay, Ebeth will talk to me now." In front of her. I was like. Eww. What that hell. Cuz' I told him that I wouldnt talk to him if he didnt ask her out. And they were so cute. But it seems like the only reason he asked her out was to talk to me. I dont know waht to say to him. But im going to bring it up. I cant believe he did that in front of my Jo. What the hell.

Im watching ER. Like a always do @ 10. The little girl got raped by her father. What the hell. Ugh. Stupid people.
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[26 Jul 2004|11:45am]
O. And to add to the last entry, which i dont feel like editing.

I think im allergic to Grass.

I got all itch, every time i rolled.

I <33 grass. Soft Grass. Green Grass.
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[26 Jul 2004|11:12am]
[ mood | loved ]

I would like to start off with saying that i have a fairly large bruse on my hip. Ill explain that in a later paragraph.

Yesterday was got to be one of the best days ever. It was amazing. As you know, from my other entry, Kat slept over, and Emily and cousin came and woke us up and such. After Me and Kat got breakfast from the brook house, My sister drove us to the margolis' house. We were locked out. But then was found a door that was open. Yay. We cut and died my hair. Pink. Like two strips. Not alot. AND I AM NOT PEPTO- BISMOL! Lol. Then we meant up with Jo at magic sundaes. On the way there we found the T that Kat stole. Too bad we could find the two that we took. Then setuaket was attacked by college skaters. And it was amazing!

Jo was on her way over, and she passed the Pen and Pencil parking lot. There they were. The amazing skaters. <33. But then we were attacked at Magic sundaes by them. Four of them came. So we walked to Stop n Shop. Got a Sharpie. Wrote on the T. And walked behide the Pen and Pencil building. Me and Kat decided to roll down the hill. So we did it twenty times for Jo to do it twice. I do believe. That was Fun. It was GOD!!!! And thats why, and where I got my bruse from. Then the skaters started to skate over. And the started to skate down the tree. And God. I love skaters. <33. Then they skated away.

We walked some more. ANd walked to Seaport to pee. Then We ended up with the shopping cart Kat stole another weekend, on the green, by magic sundaes. I was the dummy. What fun. I was the one who got pushed down the hill in the cart. I thought i was going to die. It was scary. But it didnt go the way we planned. Then the skater came over. And then we thought one of them was AUstin Beck. And it was. Ek.

So was left. Walked some more. Ended up at the other hill. The first hill. The hill was rolled down. THe hill behide Pen and Pencil. And the Skater left. And they all waved and blew kisses. It was the sweetest thing. <33.

So Kats train was at 7:18 or something. Brian made us shhkbobs. Yum. Rachel drove Kat to the Train station. And me and jo home. Or so it was before we saw the skater boys again in the bank parking lot by 711. By my house. So then Kat went on her train. Jo came over. And then We took a walk. And ended up missing them. And we run after there car. It was sad. Like 5 minutes. If we lefted 5 Minutes earlier from my house. Ugh. God Damn it.

Im pissed. I strongly dislike my Cousin right now. His wedding is on the same day as warped tour. And the freakin weddings at night. If it was in the morning than i would be able to go, like my mother said. Ugh. But its a FREAKING NIGHT WEDDING! AHHHHH. God Damn it.

Im soo watching ER right now. I think it should be on TV on the weekends. It would be good.

Well I think me and Jo are going to be around &11 today, or By Pen and Pencil if you want to find us. <33

They were skater boi's.
We said see you later boys.
They werent good enought for us.

But they WERE!!!!!!!

I love the world. Eh.


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<3333. [25 Jul 2004|11:57am]
Oktay. Kat slept over last night. That was fun. We took a walk. We ended up at the broken toed Dylan McKenizes house. I dont know why. Then Brandon came and intrupped us. So me and Kat left. But before we did Kat had to ask... If they listen to there Ipod when they bone someone. Like P. Diddy. Us knowing that from VH1 A2Z. Ha. This morning Me and Kat woke up, and watched the Ashlee Simpson Show. Then Emily Marie called me. Her and her cousin were coming over. I thought we were going to town for breakfast but not. So me and kat did. And we got pancakes. Then Emily Rose texted us. And YAY. Shes on our way home. <33.

My family an I and Kat went out to dinner last night. For us to find out that my sister was enaged. YAY. Shes getting married to Mike. <33. But not until she finished school. Which is like 2 more years. Only like a half od year to a year if she was going to collage full time. But she working so she going part time. Woo.

Ok so yesterday. The day me and Kat planed out like 2 weeks before hand. FAILED ON US. So she was going to come over, and we were going to be happy. But she didnt have a ride. So my sister had to go get her. Then we were planning on taking the train to smithtown and go to the show at molly blooms. But that show was cancelled. Which was UGHHHH. And noone telling me why the show was cancelled. Girr.

I got my digital camera. Yay. I need a new memoray card. And a cord thingy too. Cuz' i installed the program and ever thing. But i cant tranfer the picture to my computer. It doesnt work. Damn it.

My Tummy Hurts.

Oktay. Emily Marie's cousin is going to montuak with her. We I cant go. All well. Thats okay. Emily Just bring me some chocolate oreo crap ice cream god stuff. And take a picture of my John. YAY. i <3 you.

So then me and kat were thinking that i should spend that week in the city with her. And if i can go to camp with her for a day or two with her. If i dont have to pay. Ha. Ok. That would be AMAZING. Kats getting my a New york City shirt. Like the one im wearing now, that I stole from her. Ha. I love this shirt. I love Kat. Ha.

My tummmmmmmmmmmy hurts. Bytch. And so does my back.

Good Byes.
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